The Unexpected Truth About Sharks

Shark is like ninja assassins cum vampires of the world ocean. They can destroy enemies in a split that prey could not even understand what was happening.
But beside that person is feared dead, but very much about sharks that you may not know about:
1. A whale sharks can weigh in 18,000 tigers piranha fish.
2. The ancestors of sharks appeared 400 million years ago, that is 200 million years earlier than dinosaurs. That means that when dinosaurs dominated the earth, roaring and then become extinct because of climate change, the shark still exists cavalier under their underworld.
3. Sharks can swim at speeds of up to 60km / h. Meanwhile, the average rate of the pool is only 4 km / hour.
4. Sharks no bones. Ministry “bones” of it composed of cartilage. Since no ribs so if they leave the water, the body weight of the shark can crush the internal organs before they suffocate.
Sharks 6. killer of all killers, synonymous with no natural enemies stronger than them and destroy them, except for people with advanced weaponry. May the shark only respect for each killer whale.
7. An average of 60 shark attacks per year who are recognized. Few of them fatal. Whereas, up to 70 million sharks are caught and killed each year by sharks hunting ships.
8. shark skin elasticity and durability 4 times cowhide. Sharks can sense changes in habitat due to border agencies (neuromasts) located just under the skin, distributed along the body, and especially a lot in the beginning. The function of the agency is to help sharks border feel the pressure and movement of water.
9. Sharks can sense electromagnetic fields. Some agencies specialize lateral line is to sense electromagnetic. We recognize the difference in voltage between the shark body to the environment. Scientists think this may allow sharks detect prey as well as foes, and mates. Ability to sense electromagnetic sharks can also help identify the Earth’s magnetic field, helping them determine the direction they migrated.
10. At one point a shark can own up to 3,000 teeth. Their teeth are associated with better function and is continuously renewed throughout life.
11. It has been discovered many strange objects inside the stomach of a shark as an armor, wine bottles … That shows sometimes sharks will swallow it and grab objects are, rather because crushes everything in its killer teeth.
12. Most of shark fins 8. Sharks can swim only to avoid the physical difference lies just in front of them, by the shark fin does not allow us to move backwards.
13. Sharks can be hypnotized. Sharks may fall into a natural state of paralysis. Researchers can cause this situation if shark’s stomach flip up or rub the snout, depending on the species.
14. Sharks have sensitive hearing and taste amazing. They can smell blood in the water from doing so 1.5km. Shark nose can detect the time lag of smell to one nostril versus the other. We used it as a way to recognize the direction prey and turned to first detect odors.
15. Many species of sharks are color-blind. Animal’s eyes have two types of cells respond to different lighting rod cells and cone cells. The rod cells determine the brightness of the control cones colors. A study of 17 different shark species indicate that although they may see different degrees of light, but can only see a single color is green.
16. So far detected more than 400 shark species.
17. Sharks are pregnant animals, which means they need a continuous flow of water through the gills to get oxygen. Continuous path is the way to have regular flow of water through the gills. But all animals need rest. Some sharks have special bodies called spiracles behind eyes that pump water through their gills, even when they are standing still.

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