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1. The battery indicator is now on the left side of the notebook.

mind-blowing apple macbook facts

Battery indicator is on the left side

2. Both Firewire and Target Disk Mode is gone.

3. Apple is offering a single port that can be used for power charging, display output and accessories.

4. No video adapters included in the box. Prepare to buy at least one US$30 video adapter if you expect to connect any type of monitor to the new MacBooks (except the new 24-inch LED Cinema Display, that is).

5. Those who have a keen interested in technology all know the fact that hard drive swaps are now much easier in the MBP. The HDD sits next to the battery under a latched cover. The HDD is secured by onescrew.

6. The Kensington lock prevents the bottom latch from being released, securing the battery, RAM and hard drive.

7. Many of us know the MacBook facts that the chicklet keyboard on the MacBook is very firmly supported.

mind-blowing apple macbook facts

Very firmly supported chicklet keyboard

8. The MacBooks run a special build of OS X not yet released to other Apple Macs.

9. Demonstration MacBooks are running Mac OS 10.5.5 build 9F2114 — the latest release is build 9F33.

10. Screen has 12-inch Retina display and uses less energy to offer same brightness.

11. Force Touch trackpad allows for clicks, fast-forwarding, and more depending on how hard you press.

12. The new MacBook Pro with Touch ID and a MacBook-style keyboard will be unveiled tomorrow.

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