Top 3 action car games online

Top 3 action car games online – If you’re a beginner, keep all the driving aids on and tootle around in a Touring Car, until you get to grips with everything. A veteran? Go for the toughest difficulty and get your cockiness handed to you by losing control and driving your shiny race car into a wall.

Top 3 action car games online


Beaming in from the future, AG Drive is more or less Wipeout for your iOS device. It looks superb, gleaming metal tracks flinging you about like the most furious of rollercoasters, while a gorgeous sunset or fierce electrical zap threatens to distract your attention for a fraction of a second too long.

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The game totally nails the sense of speed that sets futuristic racers apart from those based around cars on tarmac, and the controls don’t let you down as you hover and speed your way to glory.

Top 3 action car games online

Top 3 action car games online


The original Reckless Racing was an amusingly ramshackle affair, with rickety trucks and cars screeching around car parks and scrapyards. The sequel added depth but also too much polish, losing the series’ sense of character.

This third entry gets the balance right, enabling you to power-slide through a wide range of settings, including an airport, a charming European hilltop village and, worryingly, an abandoned and very clearly leaking nuclear plant.

The physics is a bit light, and the AI a touch aggressive, but this is as fun a top-down racer as you’ll find on mobile. It also clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, adding a ‘gymkhana’ mode where you rack up points for ‘precision stunt driving’ in a beat-up old truck.

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3/  Table Top Racing Free

This game is a multi award winning combat game, featuring 17 Mad-cap cars to master your driving skills. It has 8 wonderful racing tracks and 7 unique gameplay modes. The game has a brilliant gameplay and amazing graphics that makes it fun to play. As of 2014, it had 5.6 million downloads and was awarded game of the month by What Mobile. It has a 4.3 rating and is Android 5.0 compatible. You can easily upgrade your cars in the garage and choose from the best cars available. The game is free to download and allows the players to have a wonderful gameplay experience.

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