Tesla Autopilot labelled a “traffic hazard” in Germany

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The controversial Tesla Autopilot feature has been deemed a significant “traffic hazard” by researchers in Germany.

The country’s Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) found the system wanting when it came to following the correct road markings. In the absence of markings, the group found the Autopilot will simply follow the car in front.

The research also said Tesla’s 40-meter detection radius on its rear sensors was not great enough to detect drivers overtaking at faster speeds in the left lane of the autobahn.

The internal study from the Institute is not a final evaluation on Tesla’s driver assistive tech, which is legal to use in Germany.

Despite the seemingly damning indictment the Transport Ministry has no plans to ban Autopilot on German roads, according to the Der Speigel report.

Instead the government agency is looking into providing funding to Tesla to help them improve the ‘driver assistive’ tech.

Unsurprisingly, Elon Musk responded to the report via Twitter, by claiming the findings weren’t ‘based on cscience’ and repeating the mantra that Autopilot is safer than manual driving.

Autopilot’s profile in Germany was raised recently when a Tesla Model S using the feature collided with a bus. No one was seriously hurt. In May a Tesla driver was killed in Florida when Autopilot failed to spot a lorry.

Would you trust Tesla Autopilot to guide you safely on your travels? Watch our own Andy Vandervell and Sean Keach debate the issue and share your thoughts below.

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