Telescope is the world’s largest set in Chile

Chile Fernando Schmidt Secretary 26/4 days notice European Southern Observatory (ESO) has decided on this South American country where the largest telescope in the world.

Large Telescope of the European Special (E-ELT), dubbed “the biggest eye on the sky world” when completed, will have a diameter of up to 42m, reviews the equivalent size of a standard swimming pool use for the Olympics.

Telescope is the world's largest set in Chile

Telescope is the world’s largest set in Chile

E-ELT telescope is made up of 1,000 hexagonal lenses, size 1,45m per piece and will be installed later this year in Chile. Installation location is at the E-ELT Armazones mountains of the Atacama desert in northern Chile, interesting science facts at an elevation above 3,000 meters, from the capital Santiago, about 1.200km north.

This scientific work invested up to 1.5 billion dollars and is expected to go into operation in 2018. European Southern Observatory (ESO) said they choose to do the Atacama desert region where the sky telescope because this area is very clear, up to 10 months, no clouds, humidity extremely low and almost never be stormy.

Meanwhile, Chilean authorities said that the installation of the selected works will open up opportunities to develop space science of Chile random fact of the day. Chilean Foreign Minister Schmidt said that Chile is the country with more space observatory in the world, with five stations are being held in the US, European Union (EU), Japan and Brazil in which remarkable operation the most attention is the largest observatory in La Silla Southern hemisphere ESO also.

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