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Review About Hitman Eposide 5

PROS Focus on all-out stealth is welcome Story finally gets good Hitman’s systems remain excellent Genuinely tense atmosphere CONS Not as ‘fun’ as previous episodes Location is very dry It’s really, really hard The...

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Review About CybertronPC CLX Ra: Big performance

While not as well-known among deep-pocketed PC gaming enthusiasts as brands such as Alienware or Origin PC, CybertronPC has been knocking out highly customizable gaming PCs for years, and was best known as a...

Telescope is the world's largest set in Chile 0

Telescope is the world’s largest set in Chile

Chile Fernando Schmidt Secretary 26/4 days notice European Southern Observatory (ESO) has decided on this South American country where the largest telescope in the world. Large Telescope of the European Special (E-ELT), dubbed “the...

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