Hidden Leaf Naruto hope is back in all his glory ninja, this time where he ended fourth-largest ninja war. I believe it!

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be said that the final series of Cyber Connect2, making it a bittersweet release. This team has set the bar incredibly high with its own previous installments, so to cover all the usual talent final story arc of the pressure is enormous. However, it can be improved even more than it has been in the formula? Well, lucky fans of Naruto, somehow the developers have found a fighter by using three-dimensional animation to a new level with the grand visuals and intense gameplay beyond their own again.

As I mentioned above, the game’s story mode includes a fourth great ninja war epic conclusion, therefore, the end of the Naruto story. The campaign broken down into 10 hours, 5 gauntlet process in the ninja world, which is very frightening time weaving Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha story of two branches together. You can order whatever you want, until they converge each branch go down, that is. With Madura Uchiha battle (a recurring villain) and the rest of the ninja world wages between Ninja duo (who were always together) task is to determine the outcome of the war.

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But no need to worry if this is your first Naruto game; narrative is that point in such a way that even newcomers will receive what is happening, but also retains all the important moments have been long time fans waiting for their experience (eg six Naruto sage). This is Cliffsnotes version of the war, rather than in-depth encyclopedia.

Similar to the team before the game, UNS4 the player directly into the thick of the action. You’ll battle between iconic rendering of the scene full time from the event and pre-series to bounce back and forth. I’ve never been a fan of QTE, but it’s Cyber Connect2 it, feeling both in the long and fascinating way to reward the clip. Hit all the clues, precisely, you will choose the end of the game review was awarded an additional scene.

As for combat, ready for your eyes to high-octane fireworks. Sharingan will not even help you digest the scope of the attack, grand ornate displayed on the TV. Massive, screen filling special attacks, only two buttons, clicks, so even a novice fighting game players will be able to launch earth-shattering moves freely. Tailed Beast planet Rasen darts, anyone? However, the complexity of the master counter, dodge, use alternative Ninjutsu, and learn how to stagger the combination of the way, I will not leave you vulnerable will be the key to your success.

War fatigue, because the game has really changed the operational plan of a good job and did not really become a problem either in the story mode. At this moment, you will face endless waves of battle, you’ll take the tail in the form of the huge beast boss. You may even come face to face with Jyuubi Jinchuriki. The Cyber Connect2 pedigree presentations very much still there. TV screen looks like the craziest fireworks; developers this time around mercilessly.

And if that is not deep enough for you, you can also try the ultimate bragging rights completion of the S-class and some secret every argument.

Addition to sports, there’s also, unfortunately, it does not mean more distractions than nostalgic adventure mode. Here, you will directly assume the role of the war after the event ninja Naruto, when you run around the village from the village, and fighting to obtain complete different – from past task spill prevention measures. Fans will get a kick out of some of the time, but it is not as powerful as the game rest.

Finally, there are online and local components, you can challenge a friend, a showdown with the online community, and even compete in the race. And has more than 100 ninja, experiment with three teams combined work best for you, which actions are most effective with your style of play has become a lot of fun, once the credit has launched a list of characters. Here, you really will be able to enjoy on minutiae like dynamic scene, wall run and character transformations-, makes this a very polished package.

With this as the Cyber Connect2 the last games reviews  in the series, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 really feel the final farewell tour of hell. This team has been through from a simple animation and excellent combat system, so that even a novice fighter to complete an astounding mix of low-interactive cut scene animation master fighter genre. The story mode is definitely the cream of the crop, there is a ton of content here to let you past the end of the legendary Naruto’s busy roads.

Epic battle scenes look like they are right out of the movies / comics. From the moment the largest raw material to make the transition to the magnificent form of video games.
Combat is deep and interesting owner, is anyone can pick up and play easily.
More than 100 car racing games online characters allows a large number of experiments.
The story is simple and easy to understand, even if you do not catch up with comics, but still have all the fans want to experience long-term content.
In adventure mode may be deeper. Ran a familiar locale is a nice stroll memory, but all you do walk down from a fight.

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