Outlook Tips: How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook 2016 and Prior

Set up your email signature once, and every time you send a message, people will know the best way to contact you. You can also add other critical information in your email signature, such as your website address and disclaimers you’re required to send. Here’s how to create your email signature in Outlook so you don’t have to keep typing the same information over and over again.

outlook insert signatures

Create a New Email Signature

You can create multiple email signatures in Outlook — one for each email account or a different signature for different canned replies.

1. Click New Email from the Home tab.

outlook new email

2. Click Signature > Signatures… on the Message tab.

outlook signatures

3. Click the New button in the Signatures and Stationery window.

outlook signatures new

4. Type in a name for the signature and click OK. For example, “Work Signature.”

outlook signatures name

5. Enter your signature in the Edit signature box. You can type in your name, job title, contact information, website address, and any other information you want to quickly insert into new email messages.

outlook signatures edit

6. Click OK.

This will be the default signature for new emails sent from your email account.

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