Nut Rush: Summer Sprint hit the mark

Nut Rush: Summer Sprint hit the mark – best action games for android; Nut Rush: Summer Sprint is a fun, challenging and fast-paced dance and dance game where you have to guide a safe acrobat squirrel through a series of difficult courses. towel. By using expert timing and mouse click / screen techniques, you have to dress up to minimize cracks between platforms, spring through cave caves, ducks under tree branches, curb the hedgehog, and more universally on a bold boldness at the end of each side. Fast anger is needed here because each level of action is packed with complex surprises! Enjoy the adventure! Summer-Sprint Play method: Note mobile / tablet player ownership: To play the game in full screen, you must rotate your device horizontally. At each level of the challenge, you must guide the squirrel to the ‘trunk’ of the trunk. The cute boy runs forward automatically, but his other moves are controlled by your actions and reactions. On your mobile / tablet device, touch the right side of the screen to dance, and touch the left hand side of the screen to duck under the object. On the laptop / desktop, you must click on the corresponding edges of the game screen: Left = duck, right = dance dress. Suppose your squirrel touches a hedgehog or over-hanging branch, you will fail. Similarly, if you jump out of a foundation to the abyss below, you have to replay the level. Collect as much grain as possible on your wise journey to improve your score. >>>> Best Action games online free for kids: online games free play now action 3d

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