Who is Niall Horan’s new girlfriend?

Get the information about Niall Horan’s new girlfriend. The Irish boybander, who is currently on hiatus with One Direction , has hooked up with a lot of famous models in the past, but he’s now allegedly dating a stunning Belgian student. Niall-Horan-Celine-Helene-Main Niall was snapped wrapping his arm around pretty brunette Celine Helene Vandycke and kissing her on the actual lips at this weekend’s British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park. A source told Mail Online: “They are not dating, nor are they boyfriend and girlfriend.” But pictures obtained by The Sun , show the loved-up pair oblivious to fellow concert-goers and gazing into each other’s eyes. (Read more about plants for kids) Here are some things about the beauty: She speaks three languages According to Hollywood Life, Celine is not just a pretty face, she’s actually a bit of a smartie pants, which is probably why Niall has fallen for her. She’s fluent in Dutch, French and English. She’s not really a pop fan We imagine she has heard at least one of Niall’s tracks with One Direction – they are the biggest boyband in the world after all. But she actually prefers EDM and her favourite acts include 99 Souls, Flume, and Deepend (no, us neither). She’s a college graduate Celine was a student at the University of Exeter from 2012 until earlier this year. She also spent a year at the prestigious HEC business school in Paris studying Luxury Management. At least she knows the world Niall lives in! (Read about science facts) Directioners love her Usually, girlfriends of One Direction stars end up being trolled on levels we didn’t even think were possible. But it seems the fans are actually happy Niall has found a nice, NORMAL girl who makes him smile more than Zayn when he quit the band. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Wishing Niall & Celine all happiness . They’re so cute together I love them .” They made their public debut at BST Niall isn’t stupid and knows he would have been linked to Celine if he was spotted in public smooching with her. “Niall never let Celine out of his sight and looked infatuated,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “He had his arm around her throughout the evening and kept going in to peck her on the cheek while they watched the gig.” Check tigers for kids

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