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Tesla Autopilot labelled a “traffic hazard” in Germany

The controversial Tesla Autopilot feature has been deemed a significant “traffic hazard” by researchers in Germany. The country’s Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) found the system wanting when it came to following the correct...

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Review About Microsoft Window 10

PROS Intuitive and responsive. Fast startup. Rich software and device ecosystem. Familiar interface with Start menu. Biometric login with Windows Hello. Fast, compatible Edge browser. Improved gaming features. Improved security features. CONS Separate Settings...

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A Funny Fighting Between Tiger and Monkey

No doubt, the animal facts  is bound to bring a smile to your face. Via this amazing video, you can see a funny fighting between tiger and monkey. Would you like to know tigers facts?  Or weird...

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Review About CybertronPC CLX Ra: Big performance

While not as well-known among deep-pocketed PC gaming enthusiasts as brands such as Alienware or Origin PC, CybertronPC has been knocking out highly customizable gaming PCs for years, and was best known as a...

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Elephants are amazing creatures but why?

Would you like to see some animal facts in your freetime? So what about elephant facts? I believe that these following facts will be interested to you: Elephants drink water through their trunks, like a straw...

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Free the Snake River, Remove the Dams

Buck Ryan, the Snake River Waterkeeper, put it this way, “Removing hydroelectric dams is progress—we no longer have to destroy rivers and kill endangered fish to keep the lights on.” As I paddled my...

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