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On the whole, the PC version of Vanquish is slightly better, from interactive to optimized features. In addition, there is still 1 point except pretty heavy on graphics. >>> Read more: Play free online action games for pc. As the information we have given, after a variety of years causing rain to wind the PS3, Vanquish finally set foot on the PC platform in the excitement and expectation of the same gamer. Launched on May 25 not long ago, this game immediately topped the best-selling titles on the Steam release. action-game Overall, the PC version of Vanquish is quite good, in terms of interactivity to the optimization features. In addition, there is still a pretty bad point about the graphics. According to a member named Wesker on the forum NeoGAF, the difficulty of the game is proportional to your frame rate. This means having the smoother gaming experience is more difficult (and vice versa). To prove this, Wesker gave an example when playing a game scene at 30fps and 60fps. At 30 fps, the character possesses four shots before moving to slow-motion mode (a feature in the game that lets you escape in danger). However, at 60 fps, slow-motion is triggered at the first stick shooter. This shows that the damage that characters suffer at 60 fps is four times higher at 30 fps. In the past, this was not the first time that a port in the Console to the PC entangled. Before the execution, Dark Souls 2 had similar problems. When playing games at 60 fps, the durability of the weapon will be reduced twice as much as possessed at 30 fps (or even more). After receiving the numbers, the duo released PlatinumGames and Sega immediately brought the feedback. They rated this as a bug and promised to release a patch soon. >>>>> Play now: action games unblocked

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