[In Korean] Decoding the mysterious “sea split in half”

Along the way discover the land between the ocean and the sea split phenomenon in South Korea. Referring to the famous road crossing in the world, reviews not to mention the story of the Holy Land to find Jewish prophet Moses as leader sea split in half.

In the legend, when the Egyptian army chased Moses used his power, creating dirt roads cross the Red Sea to rescue his people. Thought that such roads appear only in the human imagination, but reality, interesting science facts the world has the same landmarks. That is the dirt road crossing in Korea, phenomena associated with amazing sea split sea split in half.

From an accidental discovery…

The road between the sea is understood as the area between two islands of Jindo and Modo Korea. In most of the time of year, this path “sleeping” in the ocean deep. However, just 2 times a year (usually between February and June), this path will emerge from the sea, linking the island.

[In Korean] Decoding the mysterious "sea split in half"

[In Korean] Decoding the mysterious “sea split in half”

Locals know to about 2.9 km long road and a 10 – 40 meters from the old and considered as a part of life, but nothing of any questions. Only when the ambassador to France – Pierre Randi visited Korea and accidentally witnessed this phenomenon, the road between the sea at Jindo new to the whole world know penguins facts for kids.

Accordingly, in 1975, after the experience feeling reveal sea divided road, Pierre Randi has described what happened in a Western newspaper. The joke caused numerous controversies in European public opinion.

Even, a French scientist has traveled to Korea to prove his words Pierre is fabricated. After a year of research, people have to be disappointed because he was also the phenomenon firsthand with 1-0-2 this dividing the sea. In other words, the existence of the path is 100% true sea split in half.

According to his legend, in ancient times the island of Jindo frequently harassed tigers. Animals in the village, eat the local people. So all decisions fled, emigrated to Modo island living. However, the trip was surviving family Bbyong old old woman.

She Bbyong and relatives live in daily fear of the tigers. She always prayed to the Sea God save the time that many fall into despair. Moved by her plight, Yongwang Sea Spirit was her dream, that there will be a rainbow Bbyong sea help her family escape some interesting facts. In addition, there are also variants that earnest pleas before her Bbyong, god bian Bbyong show up and help immediately.

The next morning, she loved the sea Bbyong saw sea parted, revealing a dirt road. Where her family went through, sea back to it, preventing floods transoceanic tigers. So she Bbyong escaped mortal life victims.

… And scientific hypothesis aims to solve the mystery. The story passed on from generation to generation as the interpretation of ancient Koreans on the road between the sea. However, in the eyes of scientists, the legend is not enough convincing. They gave a lot of different theories to explain the phenomena mentioned above sea split in half.

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