What kind of bird can fly incessantly for 56 days?

Scientists said that Frigate birds can fly incessantly for 56 days.

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The study has been presented in the prestigious journal Science. This project was carrieded out by Henri Weimerskirch who is coming from the National Center for Scientific and Biology Research of France. The team used the GPS tracking device attached to dozens of birds from 2011 to 2015.

Chim Frigate.

Scientists have proved to be very surprised to discover that these birds can fly in the sky continuously for 56 days with the distance to be traveled hundreds of miles a day without landing. They can fly at an altitude of 2.5 miles.

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Scientists have attached the tracking device into the back of the small bird. These devices operate based on solar tracking with heart rate, GPS, accelerometer … Weimerskirch said the device weighs only 10 grams should absolutely not affect the normal operation of the birds.

Chúng hầu như chỉ dành 10% thời gian để kiếm ăn.
Frigate birds flying in the long run from the middle of the Indian Ocean region. They almost spent only 10% of the time to feed. They flied very high and was able up to 400 miles per day. The researchers found out that their heartbeat became slower at their home only . They even said that perhaps these birds sleep in midair when making long flights.

The scientists said that a small number of birds that can fly at the height of 2.5 miles – the oxygen in the air is quite diluted and the water can freeze which Frigate is a typical example. Surprisingly, nature always gives human the interesting and unexpected discovery.

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