Heavy drinking can cause blindness

Those who drink will easily ignore these objects appeared suddenly in sight, even if the alcohol content in their blood just half the allowable limit driving. Dr. Seema Clifasefi at the University of Washington in Seattle, US, said this phenomenon called blindness due to neglect, interesting science facts sometimes also occurs in people awake.

Alcohol is known to affect driving ability, reaction time and attention the picture, but so far no studies that explore its influence to blindness caused by distracted.

Heavy drinking can cause blindness

Heavy drinking can cause blindness

To investigate, the researchers gave 47 volunteers watch a video about the second group of players passed the ball through ball and ask them to count how many times the team wearing white shirts passed the ball.

In the video, a woman dressed as orangutans appears between the players, standing in the middle of the screen, slamming his hands on the chest, and then walked away some interesting facts. The participants were given a drink for about 5 minutes before watching the video. After watching, the researchers asked them not to see orangutans.

Half were drinking fake alcohol, drink vodka and tonic half that raise blood alcohol levels of up to half the amount allowed to drive. Half of each group who reported that they had been drinking alcohol, the other half believe their drinks do not contain yeast.

Those who know that they have been drinking alcohol are notified feeling more intoxicated, even if they drank a fake. But whether they have been told that there are drinking alcohol or not, it does not affect the ability to see the orangutans. In total, one third did not recognize the orangutans. Among the sober, overlooking the animal 46%, compared with 18% among drunk.

“The results indicated alcohol was causing temporary blindness,” and the group concluded Clifasefi. “In our study, alcohol narrows attention to a small corner of a scene (counting volleyball), making other information in that scene (orangutan) easily overlooked” they say. In this case only a glass of hard liquor also makes you blind, additional groups… read more free online games for kids.

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