Guide the baby game pirate king

Game Pirate Kings owns a new breeze for theĀ action games for pc today. Just after the release of Facebook has released the female gamers extremely fond of. Although it is a slightly hilarious game of tactical gameplay, almost to victory or break in the Pirate Kings depends largely on the luck factor.

Guide the baby game pirate king

In thisĀ action game online free, the player will evolve into a pirate of many years experience with the main task is to cultivate as well as protect his beautiful island. This wheel contains popular features such as Attack, Defend, Steal, Spins plus the face value of gold that the player will gain. Keep up with the following article so that you have the prerequisite to participate in the Pirate Kings game.

Steal: steal another player’s gold

Attack: advances other players

Spins: More compass turns

Defend: Defend the island (you only get 3 turns)

The mission in the Pirate Kings is to conquer the seven islands

Your task in this game is to conquer a total of 7 beautiful islands to win possession – clear the island, in the slow progress you will also become king pirate – pirate king in the Pirate Kings. To make this happen is not just, as the island was quite full, carrying an amalgamation of our associates island together back to the poor state of the original. Please take the initiative to control your own security is not too severe.

Guide the baby game pirate king

Guide the baby game pirate king

With Attack choose to shoot expensive projects

Whenever you spin the lucky number, there is an attack that will instantly take you to a shotgun to shoot someone else’s house, this is the chance to earn gold for the island. Let’s just shoot the island of someone who’s slowly deploying you want to destroy, on the island That lets you choose one of their works, there are 5 selections for projects in the game shop. Usually, gamers will target works that bring high scores when purchased, then we will get the corresponding high gold as well as proportional to the work you want to break. If you are familiar and experienced then people will immediately recognize where the project has the most extensive gold money to choose the kind of slow progress that shot. Make a wise choice as well as bear in mind the gold price of the project shot to bring the best bonus reward for you.

buy projects when carrying money

Take part in pirate games of this type, with money in hand to release the brakes to buy the island of his beautiful because of the money will quickly upgrade the project, from the construction work. in game. Particularly if you save money, it may suddenly suddenly when that We can be robbed the amount of money if you are the one being the other players are looking. Even our friends, our close friends, are still stalking the money they are owning. So do not spend any money to buy anything for a beautiful island once you have enough money to upgrade anything.

Here we have given the most basic guidelines for new players to join the pirate king game is not surprised at the start. Basically the primitive game guides will also help you to be quite diverse in the way you play. Join the game To invite your friends to click on the three dashes icon in the upper left corner of the Pirate Kings gaming screen for fun gaming moments. Not only do you know how to regulate people in virtual and real worlds, to minimize disagreements that bring people together.

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