The most famous tree world

From high in the branches thereof, for centuries are looking at us. Senior ancient trees that evidence of human history, famous tree world and they deserve appreciation for life. Does there need to put our Unesco on the World Heritage list reasonable? Botanist Jean-Marie Pelt asserted that “the tree is the unique vestige already pass the time, bears the legend and history.”

But the power of nature that people are less well known is the temple. What an injustice wherever they may die, because when alive, they are well worth protecting some interesting facts. Marie-Antoinette’s oak trees at Versailles castle is symbolic. It was rescued by the queen likes to lie under the shade of it. It was cut down at 2.2005 in November was 324 years old, its body will be exhibited near Trianon nursery famous tree world.

The most famous tree world

The most famous tree world

Rouen 50 kilometers way, at allouville-bellefosse have a different oak trees still standing from the late 17th century disturbances In 1696, the local diocesan priests to carve a cavity in the trunk to the chapel and a room at the ascetic. Where it has become a place of pilgrimage Marian prayer. A century later, when things started falling like figs, oaks chapel that survived thanks to the genius of Jean-Baptiste Bonheur teacher. He built the sign reads “Temple of Reason” on the trunk. When the revolutionaries pulled to cut down on “the preacher drive” it, they reluctantly withdrew when he saw the sign of the revolutionary ideal.

The size of the trees that correspond to their age. In Mexico, on the square of the city of Tule tree “El Arbol”, a more than 2,000-year-old cypress trees with a circumference of 58 meters to the original. Before the Spaniards to invade in 1556, living there amidst cypress swamp online games for kids, but now dried up. In 1994, Mexican authorities anxious to see trees dying. The experts noted that the plant is short of water. So people start watering the plants regularly and tourists not to go too close to the famous tree world.

However the centenary old trees are very weak, they are the first victims of environmental degradation. Morondava in Madagascar there is a path planted giant baobab trees make magnificent spectacle. The smooth trunk reaching skyward straight, ending in a small canopy. Mexican people joke that they were uprooted and planted evil vice roots upwards. Madagascar has 7 species of baobab 8 species in the world, but in Morondava baobab species are threatened by forest fires and because villagers usually take the bark roofing famous tree world.

In March last, association “Friends of the Earth” campaign has set a plant protection moabi – the largest species in the African jungle – but some live to 2,500 years. Aboriginal Pygmee view them as satyr and use them for healing properties, and the Bantou their grain to extract the oil. Moabi trees protect and nurture the tribe in the Congo River delta. At the same time they are also resources: 3/4 of the plant are exported to France moabi to close the cabinet table. Massive deforestation should moabi endangered plants built in the next decade. Nearly 80% of primary forest have been devastated people.

The most famous tree world

The most famous tree world

Bristlecone pines in the White Mountains in California desert life equivalent of the pyramids in Egypt. They were discovered in the 50s on the 3,000 meters altitude, and 17 trees of which exceed 4,000 years old, and trees “Mathusalem” world’s oldest is now 4771 years. In 1964, a geography student roundups find an older trees. Negligence should he break the drilling of a tree and felling forest wardens science facts for kids. Then we counted that as many as 4,950 trunk rings. It was a record that crumble so fast.

In Japan, the camphor tree is sacred. They grow in the Shinto shrine of the coastal city. Atami at 70 kilometers from the capital Tokyo has the second largest camphor tree in the country. In the 70s it had to withstand a tsunami, its huge tree off attacking sure of raging wall of water. From the belief that those who flock to pray to god to go around trees and stumps. According to legend, each according clockwise loop will bless people by 1-year-old life, or will reduce the life 1 year if you go backwards.

At a monastery in the old town 80 kilometers from Bangkok Ayatuya north with a banyan tree that its roots wrapped around a Buddha statue head. But who put the statue into place? In the 18th century, the Burmese military invasion that devastated the area, looting the temples and statues decapitated. Perhaps one of them had accidentally fallen into banyan tree roots and be hugged.

An oak tree was named “oak crows” in Erle (Germany) have very formidable shape. Previous day temples where birds Wotan. It is famous for the 13th century, Emperor Westphalie origin has set up a secret court to deal with offenses under the tree opponents. In the 19th century, the trunk was completely rotten. Inside, the earl Cleves open 20 guests feast. Tree with a diameter of 12 meters, and now have to rely on the tree base famous tree world.

A banyan tree in Sri Lanka is the world’s most sacred tree. It originated from the banyan tree that Buddha sat convent in the 6th century BCE. Before this tree dies, a princess Sri Lanka has brought growing marcotting in Anuradhapura. Recently, the faction “Tamil Tigers” in India for blasting the banyan tree which they see as a symbol of “oppression of Buddhism” there… read more random fact of the day.

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