How can monkeys climb trees but not human?

We all know that monkey have ability of climbing but human can’t, although we and monkeys share the same origin. Here in this article, we will give you the best explaination for this amazing fact.

Look at your feet.

What can you do with them. You probably see that these feet have no opposable thumb and can hardly used for climbing.

Apes and many primates on the other Primates on the other hand have different feet.

As you can see, they look more like a very long, malformed hand. They are fingers and a thumb.

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Now look at your hands.

You can see, your hands are quite short compared to your feet. But your hands have Fingers and an opposable thumb. They are clearly for grabbing.

Now, have you tried walking on them? And i mean walking on them alone, without support of your feet. Ignoring the other difficulties, you will see that your hands will hurt soon. Hands arent adapted to bear so much weight alone, regardless if they are long or short:

To efficiently walk, primates often use all 4 “hands” There is a disadvantage to this.

When you already use your hands for walking, you use them for anything else!

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As you can see, our feet traded the Ability to climb for the ability to walk without supporting hands.

Now compare your pelvis to that of an Ape.

As you can see here, the pelvis also changed it’s shape sifnificantly to allow us to walk on your hindlegs.

There are also other, somewhat smaller adaptions.

Our legs became longer so we can walk over longer distances and support our weight.

Our hands became shorter because we no longer needed them to grab branches.

Our finger bones became straighter to allow us to form a fist.

Now Look at your Shoulders.

Hominid shoulders are different from primate shoulders. Humans can punch, unsing their fists and arms. Even though chimpanzees are significantly stronger than Humans, they can only punch (frontal punches) as strong as a kid.

They are also very bad at throwing. Human shoulders adapted for throwing.

You might be wondering why we, and apes in general lost our tails.

Even though apes, at least chimpanzees and Orangutans and gibbons, are adapted for climbing, they are very big compared to monkeys and dont need their tails for balance. Apes simply cant move as fast as monkeys.

The tail was no longer needed, so individuals with a shorter tail had an advantage over those with a long tail, because they needed less food to maintain it.

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