Action games must be new dare to play

Action games must be new dare to play – Do you dare to try these action games, the following 123 games free please introduce readers to the new action game dare to play offline. > Action game can not help but play 2018: action games online play now Livelock On the 30th of August, Livelock’s first non-free online shooter game was officially released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game will cost $ 19.99 (equivalent to over 400,000 dollars), and those who purchase the game between August 30th and 08th will receive 10 more keys from 2 other games, Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Livelock will bring players to the 22nd century, where robots have emerged as a threat to the survival of humanity. Players will participate in the game under the banner of Capital Intellect, where the “load” of human memory into the machine, turning them into humanoid robots, destroying the Clusters robot, thereby protect the survival of human beings. games-actionMarvel End Time Arena Recently, Marvel Studios, along with Korean producer Smile Gate, teamed up to produce the ultimate MOBA online game, Marvel End Time Arena, which is clearly a superhero theme. Back to the features of the Marvel End Time Arena, gamers will be involved in the firefighting battle with the face of super heroes as well as the famous bad guys in Marvel comics. Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Man, and Doctor Strange will appear, along with powerful bad guys like Venom, Green Goblin and Ultron. DEAD TARGET: Zombie – 3D graphics shooter DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a deadly cybernetic killer with beautiful 3D graphics released by VNG Game Studios. The first hit that Dead Target brings to the player is the image is extremely true. Basically, the game’s Dead Target gameplay comes in a “standalone” word. An FPS game that players can not move at all is quite weird. The game was inspired by BeachHead 2000, a name that has been associated with Vietnamese gamers some time ago. You will not be able to move a step further, this will give you more challenge and a new experience instead of the familiar “shoot-kite” style. > Play now: action games online free.

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