3 games for girls on mobile

3 games for girls on mobile – Choosing¬†miniclip games for kids is not a simple matter of looking carefully at inappropriate elements of the game such as violence or sex in order to have a good game. There are many types of “just learning and playing” games and helping kids enjoy their entertainment, as well as developing a fast and flexible way of dealing with children.

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Here are the top five games suitable for young children, parents can definitely download games for kids without having to worry about the possible risks.

Toca Kitchen 2

With kids cooking, Toca Kitchen 2 would be a good choice. Released by Toca Boca AB, the game will help kids interact directly, doing everything from processing to cleaning. From the ingredients provided, children will be delighted to create a series of unique recipes, break the sugar and serve four special characters corresponding to each individual preference.

Children will be creative because the game does not provide a rigid pattern for children to follow. This game promises to meet the love of the baby and the difficult parent. Maybe after this game, they will love the chef job?

3 games for girls on mobile

3 games for girls on mobile

Inside the thought balloon

Eating inside Bubble thought, a cartoon of Disney Mobile Game, there is an 11-year-old girl with love. The sunshine of the wet rain full of dreams.

In the game, kids have the task of pairing the bubbles to get the same color and break them – it seems pretty simple right now. Each color represents a different emotion such as sadness or anger. The characters in the game are Joy, Sadness and Anger.

Fun 3D graphics, voice synthesis and multiple emotional characters promise to make kids happy. Parents playing this game can understand the feelings of the newborn.


Toysburg is the most engaging game ever discovered on a mobile phone, released by Angry Mob Game, but the game gives kids unlimited creativity and especially games that are suitable for all ages. . .

In the game, he will become a young man, possessing supernatural power, transforming his ideas into real objects. Talented talent of this guy has helped Toysburg town enjoy the bargain with good business. In addition, the child must use the mind with the help of the Elder Mustard to save his sister abducted by the dark forces.

Beautiful 3D graphics with creative effects, animated cartoon style, colorful fun characters together to create a world that can only exist in the imagination of the child. You will feel great joy, creative freedom with endless imagination.

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